04 outubro 2006

Person of the month - September

Choosing a Person of the Month each month [duh!], is not as easy as it seems. Not only because among living and dead, I have a lot of potential candidates to Person of the Month, but also I don't want to give away this prestigious(issimo!) award to someone who just does not deserve it.
I gave it some thought and I decided to give it this month, as a away of honoring the person and to relieve some tension that has been building up in the last week or two. A punching bag would do for this last reason.
So, enough of this and the Person of the Month, September Edition, is:

Joannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart

Now, to the reasons. Honoring the man, after all he was a genious - everything you heard about his prodigiousness, like starting to write music at the age of 5 or having hundreds of compositions, is probably true. Some say that he even wrote the Requiem for is own death, which is probably false. Have you had some contact, even for 2 minutes, with his music, and you'll know that it's no ordinary piece of music - and if it's wrong to use music made 250 years ago (or even after that) as a religious (or any other kind of) weapon, it's even worse when we're talking about Mozart.
On the other hand, sometimes I do think he was a bit err, how to say, distracted when he wrote some of his choral music, at least. No, really, he must be laughing reeeally hard wherever he is right now - whether he did it for fun, revenge or, most probably and most frighteningly, because he felt it was doable, and singable, we will never know. But I swear, I DO, that I can hear him grinning, throughout the lines of Requiem's Kyrie or in the last Allegro of Davidde Penitente. I really do.

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rup disse...

o teu "prestigious(issimo!)" pode ser "correctamente" traduzido para um "most prestigious", mas acho que tirava metade da piada ao post! ;)
btw, gostei muito do teu blend da casa de setembro! thanks :)