05 setembro 2006

Heard on the bus


Dutch Turist: I've been in Coimbra, at the University, in Aveiro and I'm spending my last two days here...

German Turist: Oh, Coimbra must be nice! We were in Salamanca and Galiza before, we're leaving tomorrow, want to see the palace. [probably Palácio Cristal]

Dutch Turist: And the fresh fish? It is so good! But... yesterday I ordered something that I didn't know what it was - the girl told me it was like calamares. But it wasn't! It was the whole squid, grilled!! [looks (very) amazed] I tried... but couldn't eat that.

German Turist: [laughs] Yes yes... but the other fresh fish is so good!

[they both smile]


German Turist: I've seen some beautiful places... but... [looks over the window] Porto...

Dutch Turist: [nodding] Oh... Porto...

German Turist: [almost nostalgic] Has its own... charm.


[they both keep staring through the window]
[I smile and leave]

Damn, I love this city.

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