30 julho 2006

On weddings and the married life

Acho que encontrei outro tópico que vai ser dividido em Capítulos porque é impossível conseguir reunir o material todo (de primeiríssima qualidade! Recolha de testemunhos na primeira pessoa - anonimato é garantido (de vez em quando) - e investigação in loco) num só post.
A minha primeira intervenção consiste num excerto da série F.R.I.E.N.D.S que ilustra a minha introdução ao tema de uma forma genial:

Monica:(To Chandler) How great are you, you little saver?! I mean, the amount you have is exactly the budget of my dream wedding!
Rachel: (starting to cry) Ohh, you guys are so made for each other.
Chandler: Well, you’re not suggesting that we spend all of the money on the wedding?
Rachel and Monica: Ah, yeah!
Chandler: Well, come on, I’ve been saving this money for six years and I kinda had some of it earmarked for the future, not just for a party.
Monica: This is the most special day of our lives.
Chandler: No, I realize that honey, but I’m not gonna spend all of the money on one party.
Monica: Honey, umm I-I love you, (laughs) but umm, if you call our wedding a party one more time, you may not get invited. Okay?

[Episódio 02 Season 07 - The One with Rachel's Book]

Yes, I do think weddings are a tremendous waste of money in a huge party for people you don't care about. And then you divorce. It might come in handy to have a ring though - you can always hide your lack of balls behind it!

Hum... desconfio que consegui dizer tudo o que penso num só post...

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Cash disse...

Everything ends! If you're thinking weddings suck 'cause you divorce later... well, don't live, you'll eventually die.

Still, they are useless. Luring people into a false sense of security, that what they have won't change, won't end. I guess it helps people stay together longer, if only for the lazyness... getting a divorce is too much trouble, might a well be miserable a little longer.

Still, it can be a way of telling someone you love them... if it means something to them.

Ppl just have to realize that it's not the tax cuts, it's not the piece of paper, it's not the ring... it's about each other, and you don't need a paper for that. And maybe, just maybe, if both know that feelings change, people change, life changes, and of they're willing to make sacrifices and try to reach each other when they both drift appart, maybe it will work. Still, no need for weddings

Paula disse...

Apanhaste a ideia errada: weddings don't suck 'cause you'll divorce later - weddings [by weddings I mean huge parties, white dress (ya right!), hundreds of people you don't care about, shrimps and walses] suck 'cause most of them are just a big show off that you can't afford.

FGP disse...

Yep! The wedding ceremony can be seen as a waste of money, but then again so many things in life are. In the end each one (or couple) has to eveluate if such thing is worth.

About the ring we have to admit that it can be a hell of a chick magnet (one to find them one to bind them...). However, by the time one gets it he should not need that. ;)

one lazy lad... disse...

well.. i always thought that the best is to spend the money not in the wedding party, but on a nice honeymoon/holidays...

the amount of money spent on an average portguese wedding should be enough to go on holidays for a couple of weeks to the Bahamas or similar islands... :D

So, forget about your friends and live like a king/queen for some time... :)