23 julho 2006

Been busy with love!

I've been a little busy, if you can call going to ENAA being busy... Oh well. Now, if you didn't notice that there's a link above (or if you don't want to bother looking at it), ENAA is a meeting where a little tinny itsy part of the Astronomers that are somehow Portugal-related, or not, try to convince other people that they are actually doing something. Or at least, that *somebody* is doing something. Or trying. It's complex...
Since this post is in a way about astronomy and I haven't shared with you my unconditional and utmost passion for galaxies, take a little peek at what I'm deeply in love with. And hope to be for the rest of my life.

Whirlpool galaxy showing triggered star formation as the little galaxy passes behind it. Bea-u-ti-ful.

3 comentários:

Rup disse...

I don't know weather to be jealous or relieved! O_o
"Deeply in love"?! oh boy...!

Dani disse...

oi Paulita,
o blog esta altamente...Beijinhos

one lazy lad... disse...

és mesmo "workaholic"... ;)

Have Fun!!