14 julho 2006

Ah, that lovely feeling...

... of having something that works! Even if it is only for two seconds... or even less.

This exact thing happened to me last weekend. I was happy back then.

For everyone studying, not only PhD-studying (or whatever a PhD student does), PhDComics is the best to portrait, in a cartoon-ish kind of way, the student life. To me, I would say they are in second place when it comes to make a serious, yet great, joke about real life - the first place goes, with distinction, to Luis Afonso and his fabulous "Bartoon" (Público) and "Barba e Cabelo" (ABola). I would post some of his work here, but I just can't decide which one of the thousands of hilarious cartoons he did (and still does!) over the years, to pick. I'll write about him later, meanwhile make sure you read "Bartoon", it is really worth it!

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