22 junho 2009

Modern geocentrism

For an international matter, an international language.

from Boston Globe - The Big Picture

As you all know, Iran is still under heavy turmoil after the presidential election won by Ahmadinejad. However, few may not be aware that we know what is happening in a place where international journalists were banned because of things like Facebook, Twitter and other internet tools.

Interesting enough, despite the irrefutable place of those internet things in our always-connected lives, some still like to make their loathe for them well known. Even more interesting is the enormous amount of bullshit they come up with when they finally sign up with LinkedIn, Twitter or Blogger.

I'm just glad Neanderthals were more audacious. If it was up to those who are too chic to join Facebook or too virtuous to start on Twitter, we had frozen our butts to death.

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